Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Playback tweak

Every once in a while I see myself editing an exsisting animation and while working on it I like to preview / playback only what I'm working on.

Although you can do this via playblast by selecting the range in the timeline, I couldn't find a way to do it within the viewport itself.

This small script can replace the built-in maya playblack module. It will work exactly the same way it already does but adding the function of playbacking a selected number of frames, changing the range and setting it back how it was when you stop the playback.

To replace the maya preset, go to settings / preferences / hotkey editor and create a new hotkey either python or mel, depending on what you have, then assing a key  (maya default is Alt + v) and enjoy! :)

You can just copy paste the text depending on which language your maya accepts, if you want to have as a script just right click and save as...

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